Yogitha Biofarming is changing Farmers' Lives at Grassroots Level


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Startup Name: Yogitha Biofarming Pvt Ltd |     Founder: Deepak Kumar
City: Kharagpur, West Bengal | Incubated: Startup Chaupal

Yogita Biopharming is a story of people working at the grassroots of ‘Bharat’ and helping the marginalised and the downtrodden to make a respectable living for themselves. This organisation is a living embodiment of the dedication and devotion of Mr. Deepak Kumar, who saw the plight and the exploitation of the farmers in his home district, West Midnapur in West Bengal, and decided to do something about it.

It is often said that once you decide to achieve something, however impossible it might seem, you would get the help and support of people who will have a belief in your vision. With this philosophy in his mind, Deepak assessed the pain points of the farmers around him, and realised that there was no guidance or training available to them for fertiliser usage, soil testing, seed quality etc. Another big pain point was the absence of direct market linkages, that left these farmers vulnerable to being exploited by the middle-men. As Deepak decided to resolve these problems of the farmers, he started this organisation in 2013 and began working on providing the training related to fertiliser usage, seed quality and sowing methods, along with deciding the frequency and timeliness of soil testing of their farms. He developed direct market linkages for these farmers, where the ‘same day payment’ system was developed, thus helping the farmers to increase their earnings and managing their cash flow more effectively. His co-founders Mr. Nikhil Swami and Mr. Tarun Baug joined him in 2018 and, together, they achieved greater heights in this mission. It is a testament of their hard work and sincere efforts that their company was turned into a Private Limited Company in the year 2019 with 4 centres in West Midnapur district that would soon be ramped up to 14, with plans for expansion into the neighbouring states of Jharkhand, Orissa, Bihar, UP and North-East states.

For Deepak and his co-founders, it is the trust and the satisfaction that their clients, the farmers, pose in them, that drives them to achieve these targets. In Deepak’s words, “When I go to sleep at night, I am contended that I have made a real difference in the life of, at least, one farmer today, and that is my biggest reward”.

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