Student Startup Founders need exposure of Real World


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As an organisation we have joined hands with many colleges and Universities to promote entrepreneurship and in this journey we get chance to work with many startup founders who all are students.

Today I was at one of the institutions and it was the first session I was giving to all 30 selected founders. All had some idea in their minds and they had to present it one by one. Exactly the same thing happened which I am experiencing at every institution. Most of the ideas they shared was about the problem they face as students under the premise of the college such as Online Book Selling, Rental Service, Dhobi etc. Very few came up with anything for which the target customers are other than students.

Now the question is : Why this is happening? Is there any problem with these students? Answer is ‘NO’ and big ‘NO’. They are very much talented they responding as per their exposure of life and they have only exposure of college campus or their friend circle etc. They are not having exposure of the worlds which is outside the college or I would say the ‘real world’ and that’s the reason they are not at all aware that there could be bigger problems to be solved.

Students should realise that they are missing on this and more over the Institutions must take responsibility and help students get more and more exposure of the outside world. They must design the curriculum in a way that they can do internship or something else to have awareness. The institutions must give credit for the projects they take up during their internship.

Having said that I must acknowledge many institutions which are already working on this already.

We at Gensus Edutainers are committed to help youth get more and more exposure in their early 20s and this is the reason we are joining hands with the Universities and Institutions.


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